GOAL: Our client requested an app to increase prescription rates for their medication.

SOLUTION: By analyzing stakeholders at the client’s workshop we came up with an idea for an interactive map with predictive and analyzing tools.

Therefore we developed an iPad map-based application with real-time data analytics.


In this app, one can select several states, counties, and regions and in real-time mode see how data varies according to the appropriate location. For example, on the screenshot, one can see the level of different vaccine types coverage in the selected areas.

NB: Due to confidentiality, the data arrays are not valid, so please, don’t rely on this. Just be inspired by how the app works.

The segmentation is possible to zip-level here. This allows sales-persons to be extremely precise and personalized in their field activity.

Additionally, the tool enables gathering the metrics in a single location.


We developed the option for the sales persons to set certain filters and segments and save results as a scenario and present the relevant information at the meeting.


This is the part of the tool we are really proud of. Using the open data sources we introduced AI analytical component for working in a planning mode in order to predict hot spots, dead zones and biggest accounts.

At the end of the day, the client’s sales reps used these maps to identify disease hotspots and cross-referenced them with insurance coverage in each region. The data helped them determine whether to contact local HCPs or focus on another region, saving client’s time and helping them maximize ROI by targeting the most profitable HCPs first.The extra-customized sales team solution and predictive analytics are unique benefits of the map-based app.


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