1. Health economic engagement apps

Turn Complex Evidence into Attractive Digital Tools

We help medical decision makers understand your data, and make fully-informed decisions regarding your product through Payer Engagement Apps driven by HEOR and Market Access evidence data. Each app is custom built to fit your specific needs, and uses your HE Excel models to display real-time analysis, and employ visualisations which clearly, and intuitively illustrate your product’s value.

Who uses Modelate Apps?

Budget Impact Apps for Market Access Teams

Decision makers need to assess the risks and benefits of introducing new interventions, and you need a clear and effective way to address these concerns.

Modelate’s iPad Budget Impact apps allow you to easily illustrate the value of your intervention right from your tablet.

Engage Payers and KOLs with Cost Effectiveness Apps

Cost effectiveness plays a central role in a payer’s decision regarding your treatment. Your ability to demonstrate this effectiveness is crucial to getting them on board.

Modelate’s apps allow you to model a payer’s exact settings and run various, real-time “what-if” scenarios to identify the optimal solution for each individual payer.

Scientific Engagement Tools for Health Authorities

Given the strict budgetary constraints placed on many health authorities, choosing an optimal portfolio of treatments can present a complex problem. Modelate’s Scientific Engagement Tools help Health Authorities compare intervention portfolios with MCDA methods, and find the optimal treatment mix.

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Project examples:

2. Value communication platform

A Web platform for sharing health economic evidence

Want to see the Value Communication Platform in action?

Pharmaceutical companies use Modelate’s Value Communication Platform (former Interactive Value Dossier) to share the full spectrum of health economic evidence with their field teams, or with decision makers and budget holders directly.

Connect Globals with Countries, and R&D with Field Teams.

Value Communication Platforms connect all stakeholders to one central hub. GHEOR & Market Access departments generate health economic evidence data, which they then share with companies operating locally in various regions and countries. Vendors can be given access to this data and contribute to the value pack as well. External decision makers can then view curated pieces of information, and gain a full understanding of the value offered by your product.


Want to see the Value Communication Platform in action?
3. Excel powered apps

Excel powered apps

If you have an Excel model or VBA application that performs a crucial business function, we can transform the raw data into an intuitive, interactive web or mobile application. Let us show how we’ve helped other businesses do this in the past.

Why Modelate?

Immediate conversion

Through a proprietary system, we’re able to automatically translate all the math contained within an Excel file into Javascript quickly and accurately. No matter how complex the data, we can deliver results immediately.

100% Accuracy

Because our system is fully automated, you don’t need to worry about human errors in translating the Excel logic. We guarantee 100% accuracy in the resulting output.

Web or Mobile App Interface

In order to visualize your data and easily understand the information at glance, we use your Excel file logic to power a mobile or web application which is intuitive, and easy-to-use - even for non-technical people.

Want to convert you Excel file into an App?

Project examples:

4. Web application development

Web application development

Full-Service App Development Team

No matter your objective, our highly-specialized development team will work with you to enhance, or create your custom web application from the ground up. Whether you need a enterprise platform, a specialized web application, or a system to store large amounts of internal data, we have the vision and experience to understand your needs, design your application, and deliver an unparalleled product which helps your business accomplish its goals.

We Are Full-Stack Developers. We build:

- Custom Web Applications
- Enterprise Web Applications
- MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)

Our Technologies:

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Project examples:

5. Mobile app development

Mobile made right

If you’re looking for a team of experienced experts who can transform your vision into an invaluable tool for your business, you’ve found the right people.

Superior Team. Superior Apps

Native and Hybrid

We design cutting-edge applications able to deliver advanced mobile capabilities within an intuitive, easy-to-use, modern interface.


We’ll help you connect your existing systems to your mobile infrastructure and extend your capabilities well into the future.


Change the way you do business by allowing your customers to view, create, and interact with your products as well as make purchases all in one place.

Why Modelate?

Mobile-First Design

Our experienced team of developers use responsive, mobile-first designs, and cutting-edge technology such as Cordova/Phonegap, React Native, HTML5 or Native Script to create powerful, cross-platform applications to help you meet your business goals.

An Integrated Approach

We design and develop your apps across all platforms using a single codebase for a seamless, integrated experience that’s faster to build, and easier to implement so you can hit the market, and get down to business in far less time.

Years of Experience

We’ve helped dozens of companies in a variety in industries, not just pharmaceutical, develop modern web and mobile applications for their businesses. From ground-breaking new startups to large, established enterprises, we give companies the tools they need to succeed, and our team of experienced developers is ready to help you do the same for your business.

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Project examples:

6. UX / UI & Prototyping

UX/UI & Prototyping

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User research

We’ll help you conduct in-depth research, and gain a holistic understanding of who your users are and how they will use your app. This insight into your audience will help you make crucial decisions regarding the design of your app, and shape the entire development process right from the beginning.


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UX design

We design digital products and services which will resonate with your users. By developing responsive web applications, and enterprise mobile apps, we’ll not only help you serve your users’ specific needs, but can help you transform your entire way of doing business.


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Graphical design & Illustrations

We build powerful brands by understanding our clients’ goals and applying traditional graphic design principles translated for the digital space. We’ll optimize your entire brand image, from product logos, app icons and style guides, to your overall product experience.


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We’ll build an interactive prototype of your app which not only communicates its design vision, but also demonstrates its technical capabilities. Our prototype will give you the ability to review, test and critique early versions of your app before committing to a full build, and allow you to provide specific feedback which will steer the development in the right direction. 


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7. Artificial Intelligence

Every task you do more than twice should be automated. But what if you need someone to constantly analyze the data at every step? For instance, searching the keywords in the new-published articles? Or analyzing the shots in the researches?

Definitely, you supposed that the machine could cope with this activity even better - no mistakes, no tire, no sleep, no breaks, no ambitions to get a higher position. We set the machine up and teach it to process the data. Then the machine learns itself. See more cases in our blog article.

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