The modern age belongs to mobile technologies, and most industries have realized this fact. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are no exceptions, and this is why pharma mobile apps development for medical care is on the rise. Doctors are endorsing mobile technologies, and the pharmaceutical companies will have to make adjustments quickly. Just in 2015, 76% physicians used their mobile devices during their working hours to access data related to their work. The usage of mobile devices and the connection with online world for doctors is very strong. The only way for pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of this trend and offer any value to doctors and hospitals is by developing pharma apps.

Developing Quality Mobile Pharma Apps

It is favorable for medical companies to create pharma apps for the following reasons:

●      Doctors are connected with the online world more than ever before.

●      Sitting in waiting rooms and getting 5 minutes to present products to doctors is counter-productive.

●      Mobile apps deliver the message clearly and in much more detail.

●      Availability of apps and online data allows doctors and healthcare directors to review suggested products and ideas when they are most comfortable and ready to digest in new information.

●      With seemingly high upfront costs, mobile apps are long-term marketing solutions for pharma companies saving them thousands to millions of dollars in the long run and allowing them to earn maximum return on their investments.

How Will Pharma Companies Benefit from Pharmaceutical App Development

Certain concepts have to be understood to know how pharma companies will benefit from mobile applications.


E-detailing refers to the use of digital technology mainly by pharmaceutical companies to maximize their sales. In addition to maximizing their sales, the implementation of e-detailing also helps them reduce their costs of marketing their products to doctors and increase overall subscriptions. An important thing to understand here is that e-detailing does not refer to a particular application or step in the marketing process of pharma products. It is an umbrella term that covers the many different ways pharmaceutical companies can use modern technology to maximize their sales and cut costs, it could be a mobile app or a web app for pharmaceutical company or just an online presentation.

It is a response to a new world where everything is connected to the digital space—physicians and healthcare facilities more importantly.  Using this concept, medical companies will deliver live virtual presentations, scripted presentations and connect with doctors through platforms specifically developed for doctors.

With proper usage of e-detailing, pharma companies can focus on things that matter. How effective their presentations are should not depend on how fast they went through the slides or how many doctors viewed those slides. The real measure of success is how much increase in sales occurred as a result of the presentation.

The biggest challenges about e-detailing are:

●      Approval process

●      Work with tools for approval

●      Limited agency resources

●      Usage of ready content in CLM tool

●      Compliance with headquarters

While the issue with conventional marketing approach of medical companies has been identified with its solution, the need of time is to improve e-detailing to make the most of it and turn it into a pharma marketing standard.

Cost-effectiveness App Development

Cost-effectiveness analyses are common in the pharmaceutical industry to know how cost-effective the use of a new drug will be. Making such decisions is not easy in the healthcare industry. You don’t want to compromise on the quality drug because this could play with people’s lives. However, when there is a reliable alternative available for an existing drug, the only barrier to implementing the use of the alternative drug is its cost-effectiveness. These analyses are then presented to the physicians, also known as key opinion leaders in the industry.

However, these analyses have to be extremely engaging to get the attention of the key opinion leaders. Furthermore, the presentations within the application should be able to answer a variety of questions about the implementation of the new drug and the assumption that it will be cost-effective.

Budget Impact App Development

Another way for medical companies to increase their revenues and penetrate the market deeper is by developing budget impact apps. Budget impact apps come from budget impact analysis that is performed side by side or in addition to the cost-effectiveness analysis. When pharmaceutical companies create new technologies, they have to go to the doctors and healthcare facilities and convince them that their new technology is a more budget-friendly alternative to the existing technology.

The modern application of this analysis is not only for pure pharmaceutical products but pharma applications as well. Today, pharma companies have to develop applications that can help them demonstrate their products and their benefits in the most convincing way possible. Why is this needed? Here are a few reasons.

●      The old budget analysis is very rigid, i.e., they do not offer much regarding selecting various assumptions and reflecting their impact on the budget to the decision makers.

●      Their overall presentation is very dull, and the visual engagement factor is completely missing.

●      They look complex and thus making the potential customers get confused and eventually turn away.

●      They are not as detailed as customers would want them to and rather offer a summary of a select few assumptions leaving no room for conversation and discussion.

That's where budget impact applications can make a big difference. Designing them with physicians and their busy schedules in mind, pharmaceutical companies can offer great value in little time they get to meet and convince physicians.

When your budget impact application is designed with flexibility, answers the physician’s questions, offers information in an interesting and understandable format, you have better chances of convincing the physician to prescribe your products.

Developing a Pharmaceutical App Has Become Mandatory

When you want an iOS or Android app for your pharmaceutical company, you will need to take advantage of pharma app development services. You want people who have already developed pharmaceutical applications to build yours because only they understand the difference between an ordinary business app and a pharmaceutical app. To have an app developed, you will have to consider the following.

The Platform

The first thing you will have to decide is whether you want an Android or iOS app for your pharmaceutical company. The costs of developing an application for Android are higher because they take much more time than it takes to develop an app for iOS. This applies to pharma apps development as well.

Complexity of Your App

How complex your application is going to play an important role in how long it is going to take to develop it. It also decides how many people will be required to develop the application. The more people you have to work with to complete your application the higher your budget will go.

When it comes to app complexity, you want to be sure that you only approach the professionals that specifically serve your industry. Only they can understand the intricacies of your industry and develop features that convincingly target your audience and achieve the goals you have set.

Modelate is a good example. If you are looking to have a mobile or web app developed for your pharmaceutical company, we are sure you can’t find a better option than us. We create the most detailed, industry-specific and convincing applications and UI/UX for pharmaceutical companies. Take a look at our web application development services to get a better idea of what we can achieve for you.

Understanding of the Market

You need to know your market closely to offer it something of value. You don’t want to create an application that looks good to your eyes but offers nothing of value to the doctors, the major customers who will be looking at it. Surveys and data collection are really important to understand your market and know what it exactly wants.

Choosing the Right Developers

Lastly, the look, feel and experience of your finished mobile application depend on who designed it. Choose the right developers, and you will have in your hands an application that is destined to be successful. Keep in mind that even a pharmaceutical mobile application can take many forms such as the following:

●      Campaign management

●      Surveying

●      Mobile medical education

●      Drug Authentication

●      Stock management

●      Profile management and registration

●      Sample Inventory

Only the people who understand this industry can come up with a solution that best suits your needs.

Final Words

The internet and print media is full of stories about how doctors are making use of mobile applications and how these applications are helping patients in more ways than one could realize. And they are not making up the news; the trend is hot and reality. More and more pharmaceutical companies realize the importance of mobile applications.

If you have a pharmaceutical company and you want to get rid of the traditional ways of marketing that require too many efforts but bear no fruit, having a mobile application for your pharmaceutical company has to be on top of your priority list. And when you have understood that pharma companies should create mobile apps, have a look at Modelate. Once again, we understand the pharma industry and its strict requirements. We know what hurdles and obstacles are in the way of promoting and selling pharma products. Call us today to know how we can help your pharma company with its own mobile app.


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